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 Getting a wig or custom unit is a huge and now a days important investment. We wanted to take the time to be sure you understood your investment in full. 


Understanding Density

180% = about 3 Bundles | Used best inches 16-30

200% Density = about 4 Bundles | Used best inches 26-40

250% Density = about 5 Bundles | Used best 30-40


Closures & Frontals


The Closure Frontal effect is a Free Part Closure that mimics a Frontal (100% Glueless). You are able to part anywhere within the closure and add baby hair. Make up is recommended to add on the lace to blend with your skin for the most natural look. Because the closure is plucked like a frontal.. It is still the same maintenance as taking care of a Lace frontal. With out proper care, it is possible for the hairline to thin out like most Lace frontal’s would. Be sure not to put to much tension near the hairline.


Most recommended for first time wig buyers. The basic closure effect is straight down. the middle. No lace and zero maintenance. (100% Glueless). This is only natural in the middle. You can always shift the wig to the side if you would like a side part.


This is the same maintenance as the frontal effect. Everyone loves baby hairs BUT it is important to know how to KEEP your baby hairs. I do not recommend using heavy gels or edge control for baby hairs. This will weigh the hairline down causing it to rub off. Moose is recommended.


Lace Frontal Units are 13x4 Frontals. 13 Inches ear to ear, and 4 inches back. With a Lace frontal you are able to part anywhere and do any style within the space. Lace Frontals are high maintenance. Balding is possible if not being properly cared of and washed carefully. Frontal wigs are not glue less. Adhesive or Got 2 B Gel is recommended. Installs can make or break the look. I recommend you get your wig installed by a stylist. If you are new to wigs, I recommend you to go for an Closure Unit instead. Before purchasing a Lace frontal, do a lot of research on what to expect with a Frontal.